Saturday, March 14, 2009

5 Days Till Carpe Noctem Part 2

My Fellow Inmates,

Well, for those of you who have waited years now we are finally here. Carpe Noctem Part 2 will be posted Saturday afternoon. I am actually forcing myself into a deadline because this makes me have no choice but to actually finish it, polish it, and post it.

The largest problem I face is that the story has seemed to take a life of its own, I know in a lot of ways it is heavily emotionally charged and has gained some popularity over the years. Quite a few people from around the world have asked me to continue it, and with that I finally am.

But let’s be honest here…

Anyone that has been waiting for the follow-up to this tale has in their own mind an idea of what happens to the boy after the padded cell door closes in the first chapter. A knuckle shuffle or two has taken the story other places in a lot of people’s minds. Well the one thing I can say about it is if you are one of these people, let it all go. Forget what you have come up with over the years,

The truth behind Carpe Noctem is a lot darker than most people realize… there is a reason it is emotionally charged… I shall touch on this only just briefly.

For five years Rubberasylum was in a playless vanilla relationship with a hypochondriac boy he cared for deeply who treated him like shit. After so many years Asylum began to wish for the things that he was missing, and that need grew exponentially as the time went by.

Finally when I got the Idea to write a piece I just closed my eyes and typed. What came out was Carpe Noctem (A Second Story, “The devil and a rubber boy” was written, if anyone has a subscription to rubberzone and can get me a copy of my story I would be eternally grateful, it also has a lot of promise)

I made very few changes to the emotional dump that hit the page. This is why it is as highly charged as it was. It was a cry for help for the main character, and also one for the writer as well. A heart pouring out its desires can be a powerful thing.

Since that point, and shedding myself of that relationship I have done a lot of reorganization. My world has changed night and day from the thumb I lived under, and the thought or need to continue that piece has never seemed necessary until I realized the outcry for the next part.

Well the next part is finished. A bit rough, yet finished none the less. One must realize that this story was not written as fantasy, but want, and shant be continued as anything other than just that.

The boy was left in the cell strapped down, and that’s where we pick up. We continue with him as if it were reality. What is next… If he really found himself kidnapped and his desires forced upon him by a top he still doesn’t know the face of, well then what is next.

No one would accept blindly, willingly, unquestionably.

The boy must learn. Lessons and processes must be followed and accepted. This is a pathway. It will be written as if both the top and bottom were reacting to the situation at hand… through part 2, 3, 4, and on….

All guyzingear exclusives…

So with all this said. I have made myself a deadline. Saturday afternoon Part 2 will be posted within this blog.

For right now I sit here and type. A dirty Martini beside me… For I believe in life if you are to do anything it should be dirty…

Also I must say… I re-posted my version of “Freakin at the Freakers ball 2008” where Asylum rewrote and sang the version of Shel Silverstein’s masterpiece, into the video section of this site… and I have now pulled it, again… And to the mother fucker that posted the comment that it “Sucks Royally”… It’s good to know critics have no fucking balls, let’s hear you sing shithead…

Then again, perhaps it’s just the martooney speaking J

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep


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