Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Lordy, Great Jerico, the walls come a tumblin down!

My fellow Inmates,

Can I get a witness up in this joint!! Hallelujah! Remember: Jesus saves, the Devil invests...

So why has Asylum found religion you may ask? Well besides the fact we all know that crucifixion is kinky, I think Christ had a diaper fetish...

Today the start of the 1970's wall in the playroom began to disappear... Yes Sir, no more will you have to worry about the wood paneling on the walls disturbing you during your torture session. That would just be wrong and cruel, and that is so against all I stand for...

Today is the beginning of a softer, kinder Asylum... Just think of me as a teddy bear that likes to tie people up... (Ignore the fangs with the blood dripping off of them and you will sleep better at night I promise) J

So today Asylum is going to launch a new feature in the Rubberasylum Group. It is called “Gearswap”… Yes, yes, I know others have tried it, but we are going to do this the right way, and hopefully it will work.

The rules are simple. A piece of gear will be offered up; stats upon the piece will be given as well as pix. An estimated value based on condition will be posted as well. (Along side the new value so you can get an Idea of what fraction of the value it is being estimated at).

Now… I will not take money at all. One must offer up another piece of gear for trade if you want what is up for grabs. If I am interested and think it’s a fair trade we will move forward, if not then its still available for others to go for. The status of the item will be posted under the picture (i.e. Available, Pending Trade, and Traded).

The first Item up for grabs is a pair of Black Alpinestars Boots.

More items will be posted as they are acquired, if there is some popularity to this we can figure out a way for others to post their gear, perhaps you can send me pix and stats and I can post for you… We shall see… I still need to build the page in the Asylum group so we can see how it comes off after I do it.

As for other news Asylum has acquired Adobe Premier for his video work for the site. Once I figure it out enough I hope to be able to produce some amazing videos to share with everyone.

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy…

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep


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