Monday, February 21, 2011

What would you do for a Leather Murrsuit?

My fellow Inmates,

Yesterday began my Overtime hell... The plan is to work the next 14 days in a row, 13 hour days, so I can buy the leather to have my Murrsuit made...

Yups you heard me right. Leatherpanther, a creature I am just gaga over, will have leather on the inside and outside of the suit (Body facing and world facing), he will have built on mitts, feet, and head, and he will lock on.

The person inside shall be helpless in a squishy leathery sweaty world... Guess what... *Click*... You are now a Panther, until I say otherwise...

Oh look, a tail hole...

Because I am just not content not taking everything to the next level I do look forward to all the knotted nighties from a fursuit made from real animal hide, as I am pitching a tent inside, bouncing around a con...

Am I a sicko? Really, did you need to ask?

With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.



  1. Oh, I would do anything to spend a few hours locked in that *drools*

  2. Does a Klondike Bar come with the suit?


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